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Earn the healthy body you deserve and build strength inside and out with science-based nutrition for health and performance



Let's Crush Your Goals 

Reasons it's worth it to hire a Registered Dietitian to help you meet your goals and invest in yourself: 

- A Registered Dietitian has completed a degree in nutritional sciences and a 1 year long internship before sitting for a board exam. They have exceptional scientific knowledge of food, nutrients, and how your body uses everything that you put into it.

RDs are the only professional with the education and credential to provide Medical Nutrition Therapy. This can be essential for managing a variety of medical illnesses such as anemia, gastrointestinal conditions, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid disorders, food allergies, etc.. 

Registered Dietitians are qualified to assess supplements for safety, quality, and efficacy

- Dietitians provide guidance around hydration, adequate caloric intake, nutrient timing, and nutrition for injury recovery  

Assess and monitor body composition and weight in a manor that helps prevent body image issues and eating disorders 

RDs teach and help implement real-life skills that help enable lifestyle changes, resulting in long term commitment and results

  • Training Templates

  • Weekly Individualized Nutrition & Training Coaching

  • Nutrition Consultations 

          *FREE with accepted insurance 



Years of Experience and Happy Clients
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Gerald Ernat
Registered Dietitian & Trainer

Learn, practice, and follow through on the lifestyle changes you have been dreaming of with the help of Earn It Performance Nutrition. 

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